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Guys, What The Fuck Is Wrong With Stone Cold Steve Austin's Elbow

Nope nope nope.

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You probably remember Stone Cold Steve Austin as the wrestling icon of the '90s and '00s. But if you don't, here he is with US presidential candidate Donald Trump, about to shave the head of WWE owner Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 23.

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Since retiring from wrestling, Austin has been keeping busy with some acting gigs and recording his regular podcast. But on Thursday, the Texas Rattlesnake tweeted this photo of his elbow, and BAH GAWD, it's absolutely messed up.

Steve Austin / Twitter / Via Twitter: @steveaustinBSR

Like, what is even happening here?

On his podcast, Austin explained the weird ball is "olecranon bursitis", which means a build-up of fluid on the elbow caused by a burst bursa sack. It's a pretty common injury for wrestlers.

Austin explained – in hilarious detail – exactly how he discovered the injury earlier in the week.

“I woke up Tuesday morning, started to work out, and had this big goose egg on my left elbow. And it was gigantic," he told his listeners.

“I bent down to pick up my weight, and my goddam left arm didn’t want to bend. And I’m like, Man, what the fuck’s wrong with my left arm? I grabbed my left arm with my right hand and it’s like someone had buried a golf ball in my left elbow."

"That son of a bitch is so full of fluid, I was like, ‘What the fuck, man?’"

Austin said he consulted a doctor, who offered some advice.

“[The doctor] said, 'Do you have a good orthopaedic surgeon?’ and I said, ‘Hello? I’ve got about 20 of those motherfuckers on speed dial.'”

The wrestler says doctors advised not to drain it, but to let the fluid dissipate by itself over a few weeks.

Which, frankly, seems like a terrible idea.