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    We Asked British People What They Know About The 2016 US Election

    Please don't let this ruin the special relationship!

    The 2016 US presidential election is undoubtedly something that will impact every single country, in every corner of the world – perhaps none more so than the USA's closest allies.

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    With that in mind, we decided to see how much British people are aware of what's going on, and what they're making of the whole thing. We asked our BuzzFeed UK colleagues six questions of varying difficulty, and – to be honest – it went exactly as we expected.

    1. "Who is the Republican candidate? And what is their campaign slogan?"

    2. "Who are these men?"

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    Of course, one of these men was particularly popular among the Brits.

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    3. "Who is the Libertarian Party candidate?"

    4. "Why does Donald Trump want to put Hillary Clinton in jail?"

    5. "Who is this man? And why does he look so sad?"

    6. "How/why did Nigel Farage get involved in the election?"

    Hmmm. Sorry. Still friends though, right? 🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸