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    30 Ways To Tell You Haven't Gotten Over The Fact "Breaking Bad" Is Never Coming Back

    Apparently watching Breaking Bad is the only thing more addictive than crystal meth.

    1. It's been a month since Breaking Bad came to an end. But somehow you've managed to rewatch all five seasons already.

    2. In that time you've had some pretty weird dreams.

    3. You'd do anything to bring it back.

    4. You've paid your respects to Walt.

    5. So much so that it felt like a real bereavement.

    6. For a few days after the finale you couldn't really think about anything else.

    7. You know all the words to Ozymandias.


    8. You've even bought your own copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves Of Grass.

    9. The most played song on your iPod is this.

    10. Or this.

    11. Or possibly this.

    12. And you've realised the importance of "El Paso"'s lyrics.

    13. You occasionally wonder if Huell is still in the safe house.

    14. You only drink coffee from this mug.

    15. And your desk at work looks like this.

    16. It's even started to affect your diet.

    17. As for Halloween, there was only ever one option.

    18. OK. Maybe two...

    19. You've even got the kids involved.

    20. Not to mention the pets.

    21. This was your first thought when carving your pumpkin.

    22. You've read every Breaking Bad post on the internet. From a list of all Walt's outfits.

    23. To what it would look like if the characters were drawn as The Simpsons.

    24. You've spotted every example of foreshadowing or symmetry.

    25. Including this.

    26. And this.


    27. There's one word that you just can't stop saying.

    28. You can't understand people who still haven't seen the finale.

    29. And when you meet someone who hasn't seen any of it, you automatically go into a 20 minute long sell as to how it will change their life.

    30. But you're secretly jealous, because they get to start from the very beginning.

    RIP Breaking Bad. Thanks for the memories.

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