"Breaking Bad" Characters Drawn As "The Simpsons"

Blue meth is given a hint of yellow thanks to Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem. Via

2. Walter White.

ID: 1750855

3. Skyler White.

ID: 1750856

5. Hank Schrader.

ID: 1750858

6. Walt and Jesse.

ID: 1750861

7. Saul Goodman and Huell.

ID: 1750862

8. Mike Ehrmantraut.

ID: 1750863

9. Hector Salamanca.

ID: 1750865

10. The Cousins.

ID: 1750867

12. Gus Fring (minus half his face).

ID: 1750879

14. Todd Alquist.

ID: 1750869

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