The 19 Greatest Examples Of "Breaking Bad" Fan Art From 2013

Yeah, fan art!

As you might have noticed, 2013 saw Breaking Bad come to a much-anticipated end.

And while everyone had their own way of paying homage to the show.

There’s some pretty special fan art out there. Here’s some of the best 2013 had to offer.

1. The gingerbread man who knocks.

Bonus points for the DEA snowman.

2. This Lego offering, that isn’t real but totally should be.

3. Some were twists on classic paintings.

4. Whilst others were far more original.

5. Some were cross-stitched.

6. Others were sprayed.

7. And there was even this one that was Etch-a-Sketched.

8. This effort would have taken rather a lot of time.

Totally worth it though.

9. Rather than drawing, some people just decided to use their favourite characters to start new memes.

10. These guys decided to go all out with their engagement photos.

11. And then there was this smiling man who cheered on marathon runners in the best way possible.

12. This guy documented EVERY outfit Walt wears across the five seasons.

13. We would give all the meth in New Mexico to play this game.

14. Thanks to this great Tumblr blog, we found out what the residents of ABQ would look like in Springfield.

15. But when it comes to Tumblr blogs, there is a clear winner. Drake-ing Bad does exactly what is says on the tin.

16. Then there was “If Breaking Bad had happened in Britain”.

17. And while some fan art, like this 8-bit interpretation, made us very happy.

18. Some made us cry a bit.

19. But surely nothing has topped Walt Jr.’s Instagram account.

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed
Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed
Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

And finally, just because it makes us very happy, here’s Sir Anthony Hopkins telling Bryan Cranston how much he loves the show.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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