39 Splendid And Tremendous Alan Partridge Moments

    We love you, Alan. In a way...

    1. Alan first appeared on our screens nearly 20 years ago.

    2. And, as you may have heard, he's finally been given his own movie.

    3. So we thought we'd use this as an excuse to look at the greatest ever moments from Norwich's most famous son.

    4. Alan would never have made it this far if it wasn't for his loyal fan base.

    5. OK, so he's not to everyone's taste.

    6. Especially farmers.

    7. But he's always taken criticism on the chin.

    8. He knows what he likes.

    9. And can become frustrated with others as a result.

    10. But he'll always give compliments when they're deserved.

    11. He's absolutely aware of the talent he's been given.

    12. He's a considerate boss.

    13. And he really knows how to treat a lady.

    14. Though he remains quite conservative in his approach to love making.

    15. Making him do something he doesn't want to do is notoriously hard.

    16. Even if you're his friend.

    17. And contrary to popular belief, he does have friends.

    18. Like most men he enjoys nothing more than a drink (or three).

    19. Talking about music.

    20. And discussing his love life.

    21. Particularly when he actually has a love life.

    22. He's a consummate professional. Always coming up with ideas for future projects.

    23. But he knows how to switch off. Whether it's going for a drive.

    24. Grabbing a coffee.

    25. Or playing air bass around the static home.

    26. You can't say he doesn't know how to have a good time.

    27. When needed he knows how to make himself heard.

    28. And prides himself on his ability to spot talent.

    29. He embraces new technology where possible.

    30. And is open to new ideas.

    31. Though, at heart, he does remain something of a traditionalist.

    32. Say what you want about Alan, he's very socially conscious.

    33. And really understands how hard life can be for others.

    34. This is often reflected in the kind of work he produces.

    35. Like many people, Alan has had his low points.

    36. And his really low points.

    37. But he's always bounced back.

    38. And the first review of the film is enough to convince us.

    39. Alan's excited. Are you?