Are You Turning Into Alan Partridge?

Take our personality test to find out.

1. Are you a slave to your passions?

ID: 1034576

2. And over-excited by simple things?

ID: 1034578

3. Do you worry too much about what other people think?

ID: 1034589

4. Do you use alcohol to cope with social situations?

ID: 1034593

5. And find it hard to make new friends?

ID: 1034595

6. Are you easily infuriated by others?

ID: 1034597

7. And prone to acting inappropriately in public?

ID: 1034598

8. Do you find yourself losing it when you don’t get your own way?

ID: 1034600

9. Are you on first name terms with the staff in your local garage?

ID: 1034623

10. If you’ve mainly answered ‘yes’, you may be turning into Partridge. But it’s not all bad. Sure, you’ll have your critics…

ID: 1034627

11. But you’re at one with nature.

ID: 1034628

12. You’re probably a hit in the bedroom.

ID: 1034644

13. You put Queen and country first.

ID: 1034653

14. You’ve got some dance moves.

ID: 1034654

15. You’ll always have your die-hard fans.

ID: 1034655

16. And no matter how bad things get…

ID: 1034656

17. You’ll always Bounce Back.

ID: 1034657

18. (Well, sort of…)

ID: 1034660

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