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31 Things Only "Friends" Fans Will Appreciate


1. Why this book is in the freezer.

2. The fact that this male lipstick company appears to have branched out.

3. This scene from Malcolm in the Middle.

4. The Joey Special.

5. Unagi!

6. The time that Netflix got confused by how similar a certain show is to Friends.

7. This totally legit T-shirt.

8. This Tumblr caption.

9. All the Bingle ladies.

10. This floor plan.

11. This foolproof logic as to how the show got its name.

12. The positioning of these apps.

13. This poster.

14. Why the moist maker is the greatest sandwich (and also why you shouldn't steal it).

15. Why Cory's stuffed toy looks familiar.

16. This ornament.

17. "You can't serve food with more than one syllable. It's gotta be like chips, or dip, or pretz..."

18. Why this is probably the coolest present this person will ever receive.

19. And why this is just a bit disturbing.

20. What Kaley Cuoco is up to here.

21. This mash-up.

22. And this artwork.

23. Not to mention this homework.

24. What Obama's doing here.

25. These girls and their perfect afternoon.

26. Why this was the perfect AMA response to David the scientist (aka Hank Azaria).

27. Why this might be the greatest set of yearbook photos in history.

28. This depressing truth.

29. The most confusing but also the BEST game ever.

30. This ad.

31. And finally, why this person deserves a lot more than a £10 gift card.