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Can You Name The Premier League Footballer From Their Club History?

Time to find out if you're as much of a statto as you think you are.

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  1. 1. This player scored over 100 Premier League goals. Who is it?

  2. 2. These were some of the early transfers of which player?

  3. 3. Name this goalkeeper.

  4. 4. Who is this current Premier League star?

  5. 5. This player is still playing every week at 34. Who is it?

  6. 6. Can you identify this player who's scored 22 goals for his country?

  7. 7. Name this English midfielder.

  8. 8. This midfielder has played nearly 600 Premier League games. Who is he?

  9. 9. Which current BBC pundit is this?

  10. 10. Who is this controversial goalscorer?

  11. 11. Who made this transfer, before going back to Spurs?

  12. 12. Name this England defender.

  13. 13. Which current player crossed from one London title contender to another, via Barcelona?

  14. 14. Who is this English Champions League winner?

  15. 15. This goalkeeper made 130 international appearances. Who is it?

  16. 16. Name this player who made his name in the Premier League.

  17. 17. Who took this path to Madrid?

  18. 18. Which current Aston Villa player is this?

  19. 19. Which player's turbulent history has included these transfers?

  20. 20. And finally, who's this?

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