How Much Of A Londoner Are You?

Highest score gets Buckingham Palace.

    1. Fallen asleep on the Tube and woken up at the end of the line?
    2. Been up the Shard?
    3. Been on the London Eye?
    4. Rented a Boris Bike?
    5. Nearly died on a Boris Bike?
    6. Been on a pedalo in Hyde Park?
    7. Nearly died on a pedalo in Hyde Park?
    8. Been sick on the Tube?
    9. Been sick on a bus?
    10. Been sick on a night bus?
    11. Been sick in a black cab?
    12. Been to Infernos?
    13. Regretted going to Infernos?
    14. Queued outside Meat Liquor?
    15. Eaten in Brixton Village?
    16. Been scared by a fox?
    17. Been on a rail replacement bus service?
    18. Eaten breakfast in Borough Market?
    19. Been swimming in one of the outdoor Lidos?
    20. Got drunk in Gordon’s Wine Bar?
    21. Done an entire loop of the Circle Line just for the lolz?
    22. Giggled at the word “Cockfosters”?
    23. Giggled at the word “Mudchute”?
    24. Learnt exactly where you have to get on the train to ensure that you get off right by the exit?
    25. Fallen in love on the Tube?
    26. Actually spoken to someone you’ve fallen in love with on the Tube?
    27. Asked out a person you’ve fallen in love with on the Tube?
    28. Gone to work the long way round because you’ve fallen in love on the Tube and want to stare at him/her for a while longer?
    29. Given up your seat on the Tube for a pregnant woman?
    30. Given up your seat on the Tube for a pregnant woman, only to find out she wasn’t pregnant?
    31. Pretended you were asleep so you didn’t have to give up your seat for a pregnant woman?
    32. Sat in the front seat of the DLR and pretended you’re driving the train?
    33. Waited for the next DLR because there was already someone sat in the front seat and you wanted to drive the train?
    34. Been asked for directions and actually known the answer?
    35. Been asked for directions and intentionally given the wrong answer because it’s more fun?
    36. Got a boat to work?
    37. Sat next to a famous person on the Tube?
    38. Smugly told someone that they’re standing on the wrong side of the escalator?
    39. Had a picnic on Hampstead Heath?
    40. Had to suppress the urge to kill when walking down Oxford Street?
    41. Seen “The Mousetrap”?
    42. Had a little go on the trolley on platform 9 3/4?
    43. Had to give the taxi driver directions?
    44. Judged anyone who goes into an Angus Steakhouse?
    45. Seen a dog on the Tube?
    46. Seen a mouse on the Tube?
    47. Passed out on the Tube?
    48. Had someone fall asleep on your shoulder on the Tube?
    49. Fallen asleep on someone else’s shoulder on the Tube?
    50. Asked people to move down the carriage?
    51. Been asked to move down the carriage?
    52. Been violently ill after eating Camden street food?
    53. Been needlessly terrified by of a gang of youths while walking home at night?
    54. Had a really tedious and/or uncomfortable conversation with a cabbie about politics?
    55. Walked across Tower Bridge?
    56. Walked across London Bridge?
    57. Walked across the Millennium Bridge?
    58. Walked across Blackfriars Bridge?
    59. Walked across Waterloo Bridge?
    60. Walked across Westminster Bridge?
    61. Wandered along the Southbank?
    62. Gone for a run along the Southbank?
    63. Been tutted at for trying to go for a run along the Southbank?
    64. Tutted at people for attempting to go for a run along the Southbank?
    65. Bought flowers from Columbia Road Market?
    66. Taken a trip on the Emirates Airline cable car?
    67. Walked up the O2 arena?
    68. Stayed at work past midnight?
    69. Been on a Tinder date?
    70. Regretted going on a Tinder date?
    71. Bumped into someone from home and totally freaked out because the odds seem ridiculously small?
    72. Judged someone who tried to press the “door open” button on the Tube thinking it does anything?
    73. Judged anyone who walks into M&M World?
    74. Been to a bar that used to be a public toilet?
    75. Timed your walk of shame so you get the first Tube of the day?
    76. Had a pint in The Dolphin?
    77. Walked all the way up Kingsland Road?
    78. Picked the right exit at Old Street Tube station on the first attempt?
    79. Laughed at hipsters in Shoreditch?
    80. Been laughed at in Shoreditch for being a hipster?
    81. Told someone you’d like to live on a houseboat one day?
    82. Actually lived on a houseboat?
    83. Been told by your friends from home that you sound posh?
    84. Paid over £5 for a pint?
    85. Been scared by a crazy person on the night bus?
    86. Been accused of being the crazy person on the night bus?
    87. Gone to gawp at Buckingham Palace?
    88. Sneered at tourists who go to gawp at Buckingham Palace?
    89. Actually been on the Waterloo & City line.
    90. Tried to use an Oyster Card to get on a bus outside London?
    91. Climbed on a lion in Trafalgar Square?
    92. Refused to go to a party because it’s all the way in Wimbledon?
    93. Refused to go to a party because it’s all the way in Bromley?
    94. Refused to go to a party because it’s all the way in Ealing?
    95. Refused to go to a party because it’s all the way in Walthamstow?
    96. Got the Tube from Leicester Square to Covent Garden?
    97. Realised how close Leicester Square and Covent Garden are to each other and felt stupid for getting the Tube?
    98. Been drunk in a museum?
    99. Instagrammed the Thames?
    100. Photobombed someone who’s Instagramming the Thames?

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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