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Can You Name The Premier League Manager From Their Club History?

Have you been keeping track of the managerial merry-go-round?

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  1. 1. Who is this current Premier League manager?

  2. 2. Don't worry, they're going to get harder...

  3. 3. This guy's got around a bit over the years. Who is it?

  4. 4. Name this currently unemployed manager.

  5. 5. Who went to Portsmouth's biggest rivals, and then went back again?

  6. 6. This guy is still managing in the Premier League. Who is it?

  7. 7. Which international manager is this?

  8. 8. Who came south of the border to join Villa?

  9. 9. This is one of the many Scottish managers there have been over the years. But which one?

  10. 10. Who is this?

  11. 11. Who crossed from one North London team to the other (via West Yorkshire)?

  12. 12. Who is this former England player?

  13. 13. Name this Premier League winning manager.

  14. 14. Can you name this manager who's never been relegated from the Premier League?

  15. 15. Along the way this manager took an international job, who is he?

  16. 16. Which recently relegated manager took charge of these clubs?

  17. 17. Which manager loved taking charge of clubs in the North West?

  18. 18. Who started as caretaker before being named the permanent Newcastle boss?

  19. 19. Who was in charge the last time Forest were in the Premier League?

  20. 20. And finally, just in case you've found this all too easy...

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