33 Things Brits Do Better Than Everyone Else

    We may be small, but we pack quite a punch.

    1. We'll start with some things that everyone knows we're good at, like playing bad guys in Hollywood blockbusters.

    2. Or coming up with amusing tabloid headlines.

    3. We've got sarcasm nailed.

    4. It's no secret that some of the greatest ever comedy has come from these fair shores.

    5. And we can queue with the best of them.

    6. But there's more! For instance, the UK is the world's largest offshore wind producer.

    7. And we have the safest roads in all of Europe.

    8. Plus we've invented some of the biggest sports on the planet, including baseball.

    9. Our underground maps changed everything.

    10. We make very fast cars.

    11. And we can also make very, very fast cars.

    12. We like to tell politicians what we think.

    13. We throw the best music festivals.

    14. We're so good at hosting the Olympics...

    ...that London is the only city to host it on three separate occasions.

    15. You won't find a better taxi anywhere on the planet.

    16. And love a rude place name.

    17. We're almost too good at cycling.

    18. We hold more grand slam tennis titles than anyone.

    After a rather long wait to get his first, Andy Murray is now the only player who currently holds more than one Men's Singles grand slam title.

    19. And rule at football... sort of.

    20. We've written the best-selling books of all time.

    The two best-selling books of all time are Charles Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings. On top of that, the Harry Potter books are the best selling series of all time. Well done us.

    21. There's no one better when it comes to industrial revolutions.

    22. And you should be terrified of our witty retorts.

    23. Playing morally ambiguous Americans in US TV dramas is kind of a thing that we do.

    24. And we ensure as many people have free healthcare as possible.

    25. We splash the cash online more than you do.

    26. And we've become skilled at avoiding natural disasters.

    27. Our capital beats your capital.

    28. Of course we always find time to poke fun at ourselves.

    29. For us, it's all about living for the moment.

    30. There's no denying it, we make sexy spies.

    Look what happens when you give an Australian a go...

    31. Our traffic jams are longer than anyone's, and size does matter.

    32. We have the strongest sense of fair play.

    33. But we're too self deprecating to ever come across as arrogant.