The 25 Smartest Comebacks Of All Time

Looks like you might need this.

1. Dorothy Parker vs. a drunk:

ID: 1343876

2. Winston Churchill vs. Lady Astor:

ID: 1343895

3. Calvin Coolidge vs. a sub-par opera singer:

ID: 1343893

4. Judge Rockwood Hoar vs. Mr. Wendell Phillips:

ID: 1343878

5. A scathing takedown from P.G. Wodehouse:

ID: 1343880

6. Irving Stone vs. William Jennings Bryan:

ID: 1343881

7. Truman Capote vs. Jack Kerouac:

ID: 1343877

8. Dorothy Parker vs. the women of Harvard University:

ID: 1343883

9. Winston Churchill vs. his haters:

ID: 1343894

10. Abraham Lincoln vs. the haters:

ID: 1343888

11. Elizabeth Taylor vs. every male lead she ever worked with:

ID: 1343886

12. Edna Ferber vs. Noel Coward:

ID: 1343899

13. Truman Capote vs. a drunk man:

ID: 1343882

14. Philip of Macedonia vs. Sparta:

ID: 1343885

15. Thomas Reed vs. Henry Clay:

ID: 1343889

16. Earnest Hemingway vs. William Faulkner:

ID: 1343890

17. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier:

ID: 1343891

18. Babe Ruth vs. President Hoover:

ID: 1343892

19. Dorothy Parker vs. Calvin Coolidge:

ID: 1343900

20. Winston Churchill vs. an MP:

ID: 1343896

21. Speaker of the House Nicholas Longworth vs. a member if the House:

ID: 1343879

22. From Casablanca, Rick Blaine vs. Ugarte:

ID: 1343901

23. Mahatma Gandhi vs. the Western world:

ID: 1343902

24. General Arthur Wellesley vs. the French military:

ID: 1343903

25. And the greatest comeback of them all from George Costanza:

ID: 1343884

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