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17 Incredible Food Mash-Ups To Make This Summer

How did it take us so long realize that churros and ice cream belong together?

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3. Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

A Spanish sensation met an American classic, and the rest is history. Created by The Churro Borough in Los Angeles, these are an epic summer treat that mix the richness of ice cream with the crunchy lightness of churro cookies. Here's a recipe you can make at home.


11. Frozen Ice Cream Smores

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Two of the baddest in the game. Dominique Ansel, known in part for creating the Cronut, went on to give the world this marvel. The version he serves at his eponymous Soho bakery requires a blow torch, but others have adapted it so you can make it easily at home. One recipe here.


16. Margarita Guacamole

The star-power of these two is almost unrivaled, so it was really only a matter of time. Warning: if you serve margarita guacamole at a party, no one will ever leave that party. You will have to stay at that party and keep making margarita guacamole. Maybe forever. Recipe here.

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