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The Single Most Important Reason Why California's Better Than New York

It rhymes with mosquitoes.

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Needless to say, the rest of my day was consumed with distress, sadness, confusion, frustration, nausea, more sadness, and googling which diseases mosquitos can carry.


BEING CONSTANTLY BITTEN BY MOSQUITOES IS SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN CALIFORNIA (nor, I imagine, in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, etc... although I have never been). See this map that I created for evidence.

This is based on absolutely no fact, only observational evidence having been a resident of Georgia, DC, New York, and California.

So before you move to NYC/Boston/DC/wherever, remember that mosquitoes exist, no thrive, in all of those places and that they will make everything worse.

Ship me with mosquitos bc they absolutely love me

I wanna be a koala@CimKoala

Ship me with mosquitos bc they absolutely love me

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