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17 Very Chic Cafe Gitane Avocado Toasts That Are Instagram Famous


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1. This avocado toast giving us an angle:

2. This avocado toast that wants you to "like not comment:"

3. This avocado toast that got some color in the ~~South of France~~

4. This avo toast that got some work done (but don't mention it, it totally thinks no one can tell. Yikes, I know):

5. This avocado toast that some people say has a perfectly symmetrical face:

6. This avocado toast that recently became the first avocado toast of color in this BuzzFeed post:

7. This avocado toast John Stamos once told was pretty:

8. This avocado toast that like... okay, so you can't really tell from this picture, but it's gorgeous IRL. Everyone thinks so:

9. This avocado toast that was allegedly the reason for the Solange/Jay-Z elevator blow up:

I mean... it's no Beyonce, but like I get it.

10. This plus-sized avocado toast sending us a message about body positivity. Yes, thank you avocado toast!

11. This avocado toast that is comfortable sharing the spotlight:

12. This ill-lit avocado toast with a really rich father:

13. This avo toast that doesn't even have to wear makeup. Ugh, don't you hate it!

14. This avocado that basically just wears all-black everyday. I don't think that really counts as style, but a lot of people think this toast is like... a fashion icon:

15. This avocado toast that just got out of rehab and is trying to stay away from the whole "party scene" for a while:

16. This avocado toast that I ran into once in the locker room at Equinox:

17. This avocado toast that I almost didn't recognize without its twin. God, I'd heard they're tiny, but you really just can't tell from photos. Pity they don't do movies anymore...

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