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    • robertmm2

      Please, whoever wrote this article must be about 17. All of the pictures taken of Texas droughts have been happening every few years for 50 years at least, its a normal climate cycle. Climate Change has been going on for thousands of years. But Man has no effect on Climate change, only a blind idiot would believe other wise. Humans only account for less than 5% of CO2 production. A volcano the size of Mt St Helens produced more CO2 than man has from the beginning of time. All we are doing by blaming man is allowing a certain section of society to get rich off of the misery of others. Millions of jobs are lost due to debunked climate change models. Nasa even admitted the majority of their models were lies and were manipulated by scientists to help them get more money. People need jobs, we need energy from fossil fuels, especially CNG and oil, we don’t need a bunch of pseudo scientists making things up.

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