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4 Extraodinary Books Available On Amazon Prime Day

Amazon's annual "Christmas in July" sale, otherwise known as Prime Day, brings a massive collection of deals for all of their Prime Members looking for something extraordinary. Here are 4 Best Sellers available NOW on Amazon.

robertjardin10 • One month ago

Top 5 CBD Companies To Watch In 2019

A once heavily regulated flower, cannabinoid (referred to as CBD) is the non-intoxicating extract of the cannabis plant and CBD products are quickly becoming an attractive alternative to prescription medication. Research supports that cannabis has been credited with helping remedy a host of health and cognitive issues. Relaxed hemp regulations have created a 22-billion-dollar industry with some analysts projecting consumer buying to surpass currently well-known health supplements. These are 5 CBD companies to keep an eye on in 2019!

robertjardin10 • 5 months ago

Documentary I Am Gary Johnson Gets First-Look During 2018 Sundance Festival

Political Documentary about the 2016 Libertarian movement and Presidential Campaign of two-term Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld heads to Sundance Film Festival for First-Look.

robertjardin10 • One year ago

Daniel Thompson Sells Popular Sundance Film Festival IndieLounge For Hefty Sum

IndieLounge Founder Daniel Thompson sells to Los Angeles based private equity firm for surprising amount.

robertjardin10 • One year ago

18 Undeniable Signs You Went To High School In A Small Town

Ask me again if I ride a horse to school.

Pablo Valdivia • 2 years ago

This White House List Contradicts Trump's Claim The News Media Ignores Terror Attacks

The president said terror attacks are "not even being reported" by the media. The White House later released a list of 78 incidents that failed to support his claim.

Jim Dalrymple II • 2 years ago

Utah Business Women Revolutionize The Perception Of Beauty School

Cosmetology school owners Mandalyn Freeland and Diane Bitaraf revolutionize the perception of “Beauty School” through student engagement, innovation, and leadership. Graduate ratios increase dramatically as Mandalyn Academy celebrates 15 years in business.

robertjardin10 • 3 years ago

Indiana Sheriff's Deputy Shot And Killed While Serving Arrest Warrant

Deputy Carl Koontz was a two-year veteran of the Howard County Sheriff's Office.

David Mack • 3 years ago

11 Totally Binge-Worthy Shows From 2015

It's binge-watching time!

Andy Golder • 3 years ago

Sundance Event Producers Offer Something NEW At The Festival

Two Female Event Producers aim to take over the Party and Event scene during the Sundance Film Festival. Melissa Jensen & Kim Christopherson have been producing events for years but have set their sights on the second largest Film Festival in the world.

robertjardin10 • 3 years ago
Jelena Aska • 3 years ago

California Pizza Kitchen Delivers Amazing Christmas For Families

Power & Industry, a film production and events company located in Salt Lake City, has created one of the most creative and impactful Christmas gifting programs in the state of Utah. “We started with 4 families in 2009, as of this year we have had the opportunity to provide Christmas to 96 single parents and their families.” Daniel Thompson, spokesperson with Christmas 4 Families said, “What is unique about us is the Friday before Christmas we bring a real life Santa Clause to deliver food, gifts, and clothing to families who may be struggling during the holiday season.” The program, which is in its sixth year, is widely known through local community organizations and church groups across the state. Recipients are privately suggested through Power & Industry’s website and are encouraged to share their message; “that giving isn’t a sometime thing, but an all-time thing.” Thompson continued to say that the most requested items were shoes, jackets, and basic necessities. “I believe most people think of toys or video games when it comes to Christmas, but there are families out there who just need the essentials.” Power & Industry continues to forge ahead doing their small part in bringing Christmas 4 Families who need it.

robertjardin10 • 3 years ago

11 Feels You Have Getting Ready For "STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS"

The day all Star Wars fans have been looking forward to is quickly approaching. Share your theories with Verizon's Theory Wars for a chance to win tickets to the movie.

Stephanie McNeal • 3 years ago

With Mark Cuban Out, Razor USA Buys Hoverboard Patent

The maker of the popular scooter told BuzzFeed News it bought an exclusive patent license, enabling it to sell boards in stores in time for the holidays.

Joseph Bernstein • 3 years ago

The Doritos Competition For The Super Bowl

Crash The Super Bowl, more commonly referred is the competition between filmmakers from around the world to create a 30 second, usually funny, ad for Frito Lay to use as a publicity stunt during the Super Bowl. This is Frito Lays last year doing the competition.

robertjardin10 • 3 years ago

Top Ten Life Experience For Old People

Being Old doesn't have to be the end, in fact it can be a new beginning. Below are the Top 10 Experience we have taken post 50 Years old.

robertjardin10 • 3 years ago