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    Posted on Jan 5, 2018

    Documentary I Am Gary Johnson Gets First-Look During 2018 Sundance Festival

    Political Documentary about the 2016 Libertarian movement and Presidential Campaign of two-term Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld heads to Sundance Film Festival for First-Look.

    I Am Gary Johnson OFFICIAL (2018) Trailer

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    I Am Gary Johnson

    Power & Industry / Via

    The Sundance Film Festival, January 18th-28th, 2018, is a juggernaut of networking for industry leaders to emerging artists. Where films are bought and sold as entertainment commodities while thousands of aspiring filmmakers, veteran actors, and brand executives creatively navigate the Festival hierarchy of influencers.

    Governor Bill Weld

    Power & Industry / Via

    Governor Bill Weld sits down for a candid, post-election interview in Boston MA.

    Director Brando Eaton

    Brando Eaton / Via

    I Am Gary Johnson Director Brando Eaton

    “I Am Gary Johnson” is a comprehensive look at the 2016 Johnson/Weld Presidential Campaign of two-term Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian movement, and the political ambiguity felt by millions across the United States. Directed by Brando Eaton, whose film credits include Dexter, MTV’s Awkward, and Secret Life of an American Teenager, the Documentary features compelling unseen footage from the campaign and candid, post-election interviews with political insiders, JohnsonWeld staff, and the former candidates. Exploring the impact, successful achievements, and regrettable moments of the campaign and the Libertarian attempt at becoming POTUS.

    Governor Gary Johnson at Liberty University


    Governor Gary Johnson speaks to a crowd at Liberty University

    Governor Gary Johnson

    Power & Industry / Via

    Governor Gary Johnson pauses during a rally in Manhattan New York

    The film project is currently on IndieGoGo and offers multiple perks for contributing including tickets to their Sundance Film Festival event.

    Gary Johnson reads Mean Tweets

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