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    • RobertArvanitis

      So Mr. Smith, let’s get this straight. You favor having risky people pay too little for their health insurance on humanitarian grounds. (No, I’m not putting words in your mouth. You chose the adjective “exorbitant” to describe proper risk-based economics.) Well we’ve taken care of the weakest in our tribe since the Neanderthals. Here “weakest” meaning the most vulnerable 10% or so, not half. Let’s agree then that we’ll help those who are in need — old, or ill health, and poor. Our goals are aligned. Sound though like our means are wildly divergent. You want to bury the subsidy in arbitrarily limited premiums. That’s just a ruse to mask the transfer. The right answer is to decide first of all, what is real need, and second to vote up or down, explicitly, on who get what help. Anything else is an unnecessary distortion of free markets, giving politics and hacks an unjustifiable slush fund to use for their own means. Just consider the gimmickry we’ve seen so far. Take $600 billion out of the elderly, but game the “doc fix,” but that leaves a $600 billion hole elsewhere, but no, we’re not double counting anything… C’mon. Taxes are to raise money for legitimate purposes. And premiums are for risk. And if you want to take from one group to give to another, do so in broad daylight. You can’t disagree with that. Honestly.

    • RobertArvanitis

      “…cutting social insurance and benefits for those in need.” Say what?Asafety net covers the most needy 10%, not half the populace. That 50% mark is bribery, the bread-and-circuses that brought down Rome. “The White House has repeatedly expressedawillingness…” Surely you jest. The very notion of compromise by Obama and the Democrats is risible. Came to Obamacare, the left voted in lock step and crammed it down. Blue-dog Democrats? Fiscal responsibility be damned. Catholic Democrats? Faith be damned. The putative civil war on the left is merely between those who want it all, right NOW, and those who are willing to wait til next Tuesday… This is all just another old-media charade,aKabuki theater presentation for the euphemistically labeled “low information” voters, intended to deceive them

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