Why Elaine Should Be Your New TV Mom

She’s got Pinot, sass, and lots of love to give on ABC’s “How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)”.

1. She’s in sleep attire at least twenty hours a day.

2. She’s all about a good pick-me-up.

3. She’ll hand feed you cheese.

4. She’ll drink your friends under the table.

5. Really though, she drinks a lot.

6. She may not get privacy…

7. But she does get religion.

8. She’ll help when you need it most.

9. She tells it how it is.

10. She’s not afraid to call out the evil-doers.

11. She likes Halloween.

12. She’ll care about your love life.

13. She returns products after shop-lifting them.

14. She’s honest about ex-boyfriends.

15. She’s modest.

16. And she’s just FABULOUS.

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