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23 Signs You Went To Michigan State University

"Spartans! What is your profession?" Probably something related to business management, actually.

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Or maybe you were a Bell's, Pancheros, Conrad's, or Pizza House kind of Spartan.

5. You wanted to scream when friends from small schools complained about long walks to class.

Yeah, walk from Brody Complex to South Hubbard in three feet of snow and get back to me.


11. You had a crazy, annoying cousin who rooted for [any other Big Ten school] and mistook you for caring.

Cousin Johnny constantly reminded you he's an enormous Indiana Hoosiers fan, even though he had absolutely no reason to be. (Let's not even start on those good ole Walmart Wolverines.)

12. The worst thing to happen on a Friday night was learning the party is all the way at Chandler freaking Crossings.


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I mean, he came all the way from Scotland to do this — of course the movie was about us.

I mean, c'mon. Spartans balance having brains with their boozing habits perfectly.

15. Even if he didn't win your vote, you thought it was pretty sweet the soon-to-be first black president visited your campus, basically joined your basketball team...

16. Your campus is home to the weirdest, most baffling alien spaceship — er, art museum — in the world, and it's pretty amazing.

17. You weren't entirely sure what exists west of Brody Complex (besides knowing the Capitol building is down that road).


...until senior year, when you discovered Lansing actually has some spunky bars and restaurants, and a totally BAMF city market, and you felt kind of terrible about never leaving EL the past three years.

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