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25 Signs You Sat The Bench

Many of us weren't first, second, or third string in high school.

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1. You won "Most Improved" every year.

2. You knew the cheers better than the cheerleaders did.

3. This was how you looked to the starting quarterback.

4. You did your best thinking during those four quarters.

5. You knew EXACTLY where everyone sat in the student section.

6. Your coach wasn't entirely sure what your name was.

7. But when they finally called it out during a game, you were just like...

8. Your bench warmer bestie was everything.

9. You still didn't understand all the rules of the game.

10. This happened during the ten seconds you played that one time.

11. You DEMANDED high fives.

12. You always got a full eight hours.

13. All you wanted was a little attention.

14. ...Just a little.

15. Your grandma was your No. 1 fan.

16. You talked a lot of trash because you never had to back it up.

17. You just couldn't get it together.

18. Sometimes you forgot people were watching.

19. You only worked hard doing fun drills at practice.

20. You couldn't EVEN when a starter just EXPECTED you to bring them water.

21. You were secretly terrified of the sport, actually.

22. Sometimes you felt like you were watching standup, not your game.

23. You were the only one who just got it.

24. You will never un-see the injuries you saw up close, and very personal.

25. But at the end of the day, you were there to root for the home team.

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