15 Feels I Feel At Chelsea Market

Ever been to NYC’s Chelsea Market? No? Your taste buds should just murder you now.

1. So I walk in to Chelsea Market…

2. I see people eating fresh pasta and am all…

3. But then I see/smell everything else and I just can’t.

4. There’s cupcakes here, fresh baguettes there, and Anthropologie candles to sniff over yonder…

5. But I just breathe deeply, and think to myself, “I got this.”

6. And I go for it.

7. My friends try to be supportive and excited too, but just look at me like…

8. And then I spot the free sample lady — she has brittle!

9. I eat that too, and then move on to the fresh lobster place.

10. I’m literally out of control.

11. My friends finally step in and are like…

12. I realize what I’ve done.

13. We had a whole day planned, but now I’m just like…

14. My friends admit they’re tired too, so we all peace, and the brittle lady’s just like…

15. And then I food coma at home, like every Saturday afternoon.

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