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    10 Differences Between You At 25 And Your Mom At 25

    "When I was your age, your younger brother was already on the way."

    1. Your mom already had 20 legit recipes up her sleeve.

    I mean, you've at least mastered your go-to sandwich(?).

    2. She helped pay the mortgage.

    You ignore your student loan notices.

    3. Your mom had the next five years planned out.

    You may or may not be moving in two months.

    4. Your mom, when she found out her best friend is getting married:

    You, getting the same news:

    5. Molly Ringwald was the young, cool celeb she secretly wanted to be.

    Basically the equivalent of your Jennifer Lawrence.

    6. How you envision her partying at 25:

    How she envisions you partying at 25:

    When really, you both were/are pretty much like...

    7. When your mom got upset with your father:

    When you get upset with your boyfriend/significant other:

    8. How your mom viewed dating:

    How you view it:

    9. How she envisioned herself (and her family) in 20 years:

    How you envision yourself in 20 years:

    10. Your mom and her friends:

    You and yours: