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72 Of The Best Songs (From Mostly Emerging Artists) In 2018

It's officially the end of the year and what a great year for music it was. There were so many great tracks out this year and in this BUMPER of a playlist, I've picked out some of the very best for you to enjoy below! Hope you enjoy and leave your suggestions in the comments 💙

Rishi One year ago

43 Chill Tracks For Your Winter Playlist

It's that time of the year. Days are getting shorter and darkness is creeping in. Grab your headphones and unwind with these 43 new chill tracks for your playlist to indulge with over the winter.

Rishi One year ago

44 Tracks For Your Summer Playlist

We've reached the end of summer and what a summer it's been. But it doesn't have to be the end yet! Here's some tracks to keep those summer vibes going all year long!

Rishi One year ago

26 Of The Best New Releases From April & May

This month I'm taking a look back at some of the best new releases from both April AND May, particularly from some emerging artists worth taking note of.

Rishi One year ago

18 Of The Best Tracks From March

Another month, another countdown of great tracks released this month. This edition is mostly on the chill side with some upbeat bangers thrown in. What else are you enjoying this month? Feel free to leave some comments below!

Rishi 2 years ago

18 Of The Best Tracks From February

There's no doubt February has been an exceptional month for new music. Here's a rundown of what's been hot on my playlist

Rishi 2 years ago

18 Emerging Artists To Watch In 2018

Tired of seeing the same names on everyone's year ahead list? Here's my rundown of the freshest independent/emerging artists you're going to hear a lot more from this year.

Rishi 2 years ago