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    18 Of The Best Tracks From March

    Another month, another countdown of great tracks released this month. This edition is mostly on the chill side with some upbeat bangers thrown in. What else are you enjoying this month? Feel free to leave some comments below!

    1. Sofi Tukker - Baby I'm A Queen

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    Sofi Tukker

    Sofi Tukker are no stranger to the world by now. You may of course recognize them from none other than the iPhone X commercial, an appearance on Jimmy Fallon or even on Lady Gaga's Netflix documentary. The NYC based duo have been pumping out the hits for a while now and with the announcement of their debut album this year, from here onwards it's safe to say these under the radar gems will be catapulted to stardom very very soon.

    2. CYN - Alright


    With Katy Perry's approval and signed to her label "Unsub Records", CYN is an incredible artist who should be on everyone's radar. This is more than an "Alright" track, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if this shot up straight to the top of charts. I have a feeling it'll be remixed so hard and you'll be bumping to it in the clubs this summer!

    3. Dominique - Use Me (Quantinium Remix)

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    Following on from her chart-worthy track "Use Me" last summer, NYC based triple threat (producer, singer, songwriter) released a remix by the very talented future bass producer Quantinium. At only 22 years old & being his first ever official remix, Quantinium reworked it into something incredibly magical which will transport you to a completely different dimension. Tissues at the ready!

    4. MONOGEM - Get You High


    Are you ready to get high? And by that, high on Monogem's new track! A triumphant return from the LA based artist following the release of her 100% EP. Fans of Jessie Ware would enjoy this, but Monogem is clearly in a league of her own. Everything she puts out is always gold and it won't be long before she crosses over to worldwide domination.

    4:20 bliss.

    5. Hayley Kiyoko - Curious (Win and Woo Remix)

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    Hayley Kiyoko/Win and Woo

    Win and Woo always bring the heat when it comes to their releases & remixes. They first caught my attention with their remix of EVVY's "Swing" & feature with Ashe. Now they've gone and given summer to us early with this remix for one of pop's greatest talents Hayley Kiyoko!

    6. Rén With The Mane - Already Gone

    Rén with The Mane

    This track has me lost for words, I don't think any words could ever fully describe how good it is. Those 80s vibes are strong here. Those drums, the tambourine, her roaring vocals - ahhh c'mon everyone, start paying attention to this undeniable soon to be huge talent. I'm living for this track from Rén with The Mane which makes you want to just get up and have a great time. Take note music supervisors.

    I hope we can expect a video for this magnificent track soon Rén *hint hint*

    7. Violet Days ft. morgxn - Somber

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    Violet Days/morgxn

    Fast-rising Swedish talent Violet Days returns and is joined by none other than morgxn for the release of Somber. An ethereal beauty paired with incredible choreography you'll be learning in no time. This is a match made in heaven.

    8. So Below - Visions

    So Below

    I can't with So Below. I physically can't. Wow. It seriously blows my mind, I don't understand why people are sleeping on her. Literally everything I've heard from her is iconic. To be honest, I'd stop being friends with anyone who didn't appreciate her, that's how much I love her. I'm sure it sounds stupid, but her music does in fact mean a whole lot to me & I would see her perform every day of my life if I could.

    9. Kerbside ft. Eskayi - Too Far


    The moment I heard this, within seconds I was mesmerized. This is an INSANE debut from Kerbside featuring the vocals of Eskayi. What an aggressive production. Unlike anything I've heard in a very long time.

    10. Luna Shadows - Be The One

    Luna Shadows

    Yes that is correct. Luna Shadows covered Dua Lipa's "Be The One" and transformed it completely into her own. Earning the approval of the artist herself. Dare I say it's better than the original. Keep shining and bringing your magic Luna.

    11. TRACES - Before I Wilt


    Usually when I listen to chill tracks, it's predominantly from female artists but somehow this crept in. No complaints here though, obviously it says a lot. This is absolutely sublime.

    12. Tiger Darrow - Like Summer

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    Tiger Darrow

    I'm so beyond belief this has so little views, with tracks like these & a voice so pure, Tiger Darrow will seriously rise to fame in a heartbeat. Get in on this now. Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't.

    13. Emily Vaughn - Room Service

    Emily Vaughn

    I'm sure for as long as Emily keeps releasing music, I'll keep featuring it. Sorry, I'm not sorry. Dreamy as fuck. Keep bringing the fire Emily! *heart eye emoji*

    14. Ralph - September Fades

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    More strong 80s vibes courtesy of Ralph. *eagerly awaits to buy her album*

    15. SUMif - Say


    For anyone that knows her or seen her live, SUMif knows how to put on a show - also opening for great artists such as Verite & Lauv. I first caught wind of her when she dropped "Want Your Love" and "Malaga" which I had an unhealthy obsession with and this will be no exception.

    16. Caitlyn Scarlett - Ornaments

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    Caitlyn Scarlett

    Following up her sensational feature on Jack Wins' "Freewheelin", Caitlyn Scarlett gives us her solo offering "Ornaments" and it's crazy good. Get it girl!

    17. Like Swimming - Strike A Pose

    Like Swimming

    Right off the bat this is an insanely stellar production - hugely satisfying my need for a bit of CHVRCHES! Is it bad if I love this more??

    18. MØ - Nostalgia

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    Danish sensation MØ returns with Nostalgia. Get ready to dance!