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    • Rich M.

      Laura is an amazing person. One of my first meetings with her was over a decade ago, when she was still known as Tom, and was playing house shows. After the crowd had left, she was all but alone in the basement, picking up cigarette butts, complaining about how she wished the crowd respected the residents more…and this was still the singer of a band hundreds of people came to see. She wasn’t riding the ego boost of being a rock star, she was functionally being the janitor of her own show, because she felt bad that someone had let their house be a venue and there was some mess. It was one of those moments when you see someone more kind, sincere, and humble than you realize that you yourself usually are.

    • Rich M.

      So…I’m 41 and long story short, I feel more energetic than this post makes Thirtysomethings to be, but don’t remember every being so beaten up by life. Did I figure something out, get lucky, or are most people just sad?  Perhaps the trick was getting into punk in the mid-80s. Decades of buying one pair of combat boots a year led to happy shoe-buying, no debt, and having mainstream fashion catch up to me?

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