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    • RichieBenno

      Scandinavia is ace and I love it. This list, however, is embarrassingly bad and lazily put together. Finland is not part of Scandinavia. That’s quite clear. Normally, you can’t just get a doctor’s appointment on the same day in Norway, as my Norwegian wife (who often lauds the fact you CAN ACTUALLY GET A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT ON THE SAME DAY ON THE UK’S NHS) will attest.  I actually wonder if whoever put this together only realised Norway was part of Scandinavia as they were finishing the list and quickly shoe-horned a couple of references in. In Norway, many people do actually pay about 60% in tax. You might also want to mention they actually get paid a lot more. About £40,000 a year (compared to about £27,000 in the UK). And Sweden’s two months paternity leave is the most generous in the world, is it? Maybe you might have spent the ONE MINUTE it would have taken to find out fathers can take up to 46 WEEKS paternity leave in Norway. I could go on, but I feel I’ve already become disproportionately angry about this.

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