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    Posted on Dec 27, 2012

    BuzzFeed Answers The 15 Big Entertainment Questions Of 2012

    From James Bond to Glee to Lisa Vanderpump's Pomeranian Giggy, the question marks were everywhere this year. We jumped in to solve the mysteries.

    1. Who Were Hollywood's Most Unforgettable Characters of 2012?

    From Fat Amy to a 85-year-old sushi chef to an obsessed terrorist hunter, 2012 gave us some amazing personalities. We rounded up the year's best.

    2. How Did James Bond Finally Make It to the Big Leagues?

    At age 50, the oldest film franchise in history suddenly leaped from the middle lists to the ranks of modern box-office giants. We explain how this late-in-life growth spurt happened.

    3. Is the Oscars' Dream Couple Secretly Kaput?

    Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's Zero Dark Thirty media blitz: They've broken up. Kate Aurthur broke the story of the stealth split on the awards trail.

    4. Are the Nerds Ruining America?

    From Nate Silver to Breaking Bad fanatics, we've become a nation of micro-critics, obsessive on the details but, perhaps, missing the big picture. We look at how this phenomenon is changing our cultural landscape high and low.

    5. What Happened with the Elmo Puppeteer?

    Victoria Will, File / AP

    One of the most tragic tales in entertainment this year was the saga of Kevin Clash, the man behind Sesame Street's beloved Elmo character, who gave up his role after accusations of sex with minors. Early on in the scandal, Kate Aurthur looked at the difficult road the closeted famous walk.

    6. Which Stars' Mouths Were Open Wider Than Their Wallets This Election Year?

    A lot of stars had plenty to say in the battle for the White House just ended. But some of them weren't quite prepared to put their money where their mouths were. We looked at the shocking list of Hollywood's big talkers on the left and right who weren't opening their checkbooks.

    7. What Was Actually Great About "Liz & Dick"?

    An instant cult classic to rival Mommy, Dearest and Showgirls sprung up before our eyes with Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime film Liz & Dick. Kate Aurthur narrowed it down to the film's 32 greatest moments.

    8. Who Are These Interlopers on "Glee"?

    Glee has been overrun this year by a parade of special-guest drop-bys. Louis Peitzman has had enough and sorts out who these people are and what the heck they are doing here.

    9. WTF Is Going on with Network Television?

    It was a year when the winners became losers and the dead walked to victory. What is happening to America's TV networks, and how will they survive it all? Kate Aurthur had some answers.

    10. Has Success Ruined Giggy?

    We spent a night out with Bravo's most celebrated canine and got to the bottom of how the rise to fame has changed Lisa Vanderpump's sidekick.

    11. Who Is David Costabile?

    The star of Breaking Bad and Lincoln has become the most famous face of entertainment today. We chatted with the character actor to find out what makes him tick.

    12. How Did "Homeland" Go So Wrong?

    In its second season, the Emmy winner took a turn for the bizarre. Kate Aurthur charted its road to ruin. (Many spoilers!)

    13. What Was with All the Hate?

    It was the year when we watched what we despised. Our review of the year in hate-watching.

    14. Can We Save Our Singing Contests?

    With ratings plummeting, America's TV singing contests are in huge trouble. We offered a three-step plan to bring them back from the abyss.

    15. What Might Our Future Look Like?

    Our exclusive look at MTV's new series Buckwild revealed that civilization can indeed fall lower than Jersey Shore.

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