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    • richardkostap

      I’m disgusted that little New Zealand is the first country after the now authoritarian US at no.1to lock it’s own people up (per capita). Aside from being totally barbaric if they are no harm to anyone one else, it amazes me that we still lock people away. One thing also that amazes me is that after decades of prohibition against drugs, we still have not learnt that actually decriminalising drug use instead of making users lives even more fukked up(if they don’t haveahandle on their use, as some users do not)by still having the stigma of criminality attached to drug use(and all of the shit that comes attached to that: gangs, drug sales etc when the govt could be selling and taxing and using the funds to help users whom are addicted (believe me that many people manage to use their drug of choice without becoming addicted by keeping it to some weekends etc orasocial use for partys onceayear)to quit/by having police lie their way into peoples homes and start their shit in someones private space and ultimately charging them as an example amongst many, we could save alot of money by taking the stigma out of the lives of users with by decriminalisation. And also is beingapoliceperson so unpopular niow that we are now hiring Koreans whom barely haveaproper hold on english to come here and hassle kiwis. They should go home and hassle their own. I’m sure koreans would not like it if kiwis went to Seoul and started trawling through their houses talking to them like they are shit in imperfect korean. “Oh, I’m going to New Zealand to make peples livesamisery for my new life and career by there…”

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