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The 25 Hardest Things About Living In New Zealand

Feel the pain, mate.

1. Facebook doesn't give you any respect.

2. This is how people picture New Zealand...



5. When it really looks more like this:



8. It's hard to get anything done when your country is a shining beacon of freedom:

9. Or when you have no worries:

10. Or when you underestimate the running speed of a herd of sheep:

11. Or the size of a moa:

12. When you see people complaining about how hot it is in the June and July all you can say is:

13. You understand how devastatingly accurate this map is:

14. And you're constantly wondering who put the 12-year-old in charge of naming all of New Zealand:


16. And in charge of writing headlines:

17. And who is the creative genius who named this store?

18. The criminals are way too polite:

19. And the coroners party way too hard:

20. Even the buses want you to have a good time:

21. There's so much wildlife that it gets harder every day to tell them apart:

22. Yeah, nah, you use this phrase way too much:

23. If you've ever been to Avondale, you know this is a totally legitimate concern:

24. And this is an everyday sight:

25. In conclusion:

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