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    YouTube Stars Have Surreal Day Recording Band Aid 30 Single And Going For Lunch In A Helicopter

    Lunch at Matthew Freud's house, no less.

    So, a new version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” has been recorded to help raise money to fight the Ebola crisis.

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    Thirty years after it was formed by Sir Bob Geldof, the Band Aid supergroup has returned with a host of new names for this year's Christmas single.

    Among the new faces are YouTube stars Zoe and Joe Sugg and Alfie Deyes.

    On Sunday, Deyes, who has around five million subscribers to his YouTube channels, uploaded this vlog showing behind the scenes footage of the recording of the Band Aid 30 single.

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    Sir Bob is shown organising his new band.

    (Yes, that is One Direction on the right and the back of Ed Sheeran's head.)

    While Joe Sugg appears slightly starstruck by the occasion.

    Anyway, after the single is recorded Alfie says goodbye to Zoe, his girlfriend and Joe's sister, and announces he's off for lunch...

    With PR guru Matthew Freud.

    In a helicopter.

    As you do.

    It turns out, by the way, that Freud has quite the house.

    Deyes goes on a tour of the property and finds the actual car from the hit TV comedy The Inbetweeners.

    A whole bunch of quad bikes.

    A pig.

    Some goats.

    An arcade room.

    A room full of framed historical documents.

    With Freud himself explaining the significance of each.

    A chapel.

    A swimming pool and hot tub.

    A secret door.

    And a dog.

    As Deyes himself said on Saturday:

    Today has been the most surreal day of my entire life.

    Alfie Deyes@PointlessBlogFollow

    Today has been the most surreal day of my entire life.

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