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YouTube Star Pranks His Roommate For An Entire Week After He Pretends He Wants To Move Out

This never gets boring.

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Last month, YouTube celebrity Caspar Lee played a prank on his roommate and fellow star Joe Sugg.

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Lee told Sugg he'd need to get a new housemate because he was having so much fun during a trip to America he didn't want to return to London.

So to get him back, Sugg, who is known on YouTube as ThatcherJoe, decided to play his own prank on Lee for an entire week.

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There was the classic "cling film on the toilet" prank.

Which went well.


The "jumping out the cupboard" prank.

The "cover his room in post-it notes" prank.

The "wake him up with a clown costume on" prank.

The "wake him up with silly string in the face" prank.

And of course, everyone's favourite, the cup prank.

Well played, Joe and Caspar.

You can watch more of their videos here and here.