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This Young Boy Arguing With Girls About The Weather Will Melt Your Heart

"No, you’re pretty and you’re not real. I’m real."

A group of 3-year-olds were recorded arguing over the weather at the Room to Bloom Children’s Center in Harrison, Arkansas, last week.

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Pharmacist Tara Willmott uploaded the clip to Facebook on 17 September and it has now gone viral, having been watched around 1 million times on her page and reaching the top of r/video on Reddit.

The video shows a young boy, identified as Ty, arguing with a girl over whether it is sprinkling or raining outside.

At one point young Ty argues simply: "No, you’re pretty and you’re not real. I’m real."

The discussion comes to an end when the young girl in green taps Ty on the chest while making her point.

His reaction? “You poked my heart…”


It all becomes too much for Ty, and the debate, and the video, promptly end.

Fear not though, the pair appear to have now made up, and pictures on Facebook show the two girls and Ty enjoying a big hug.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Willmott to find out more about her video.