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What's Your Weirdest WhatsApp Group Name?

I decided to ask my friends, colleagues, and the internet, and got some very strange answers.

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So I thought I'd ask people on Twitter about the names of their WhatsApp groups.

What's your weirdest WhatsApp group name?

And they came back with some pretty weird answers.

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK RIP English Cricket


@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK Brie pants

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK 'Boat Chess.' (Because @EllaGribben's autocorrect didn't like 'bitches'.)

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK I have two weird ones! Sausages in shells, and bashing vaginas (don't ask) πŸ™ˆ

@richjamesuk med students at your cervix


@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK sassy classy bitches

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK "poo baby!"

@richjamesuk ok, here you go... "turtles flying everywhere"

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK Sex slaves and big booty hoes!


@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK Middle Bottom Wax

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK Dragon- Based Chat

@richjamesuk @BuzzFeedUK suck our holes

β€œ@richjamesuk: What's your weirdest WhatsApp group name?” One currently called North Korea but was previously "the king with no vagina"


I also asked my friends and colleagues, and they too came back with some rather odd answers (although admittedly some of these are mine as well).

– "Meat massive"

– "Breastfeeding dogs"

– "Christmas Never Dies"

– "Banterbury Tales"

– "Beach time!!"

– "Leeds will have vengeance"

– "Shitsapp"

– "Dogwelder"


Some of the answers were quite eye-opening.

– "Our sneaky three way"

– "Wankers"

– "Wenlock wenches"

– "Old School"

– "Foodie Dudie"

– "Meh"

– "Lock up your daughters"

– "The Devious Little Toads"

– "Cool kidz"

– "Guardians of the Galaxy"

– "Something clever... balls"

Some people even provided explanations for the group names:

– "'Munch bunch' is the name of my lesbian group. I didn't name it."

– "'Treloi Katoi'. It means 'the crazy cats' in Greek. We are cool and crazy like that."

– "'Flick your bean' – includes people who used to work at Student Beans."

– "I had one called Drizzychat once but it had nothing to do with Drake. :("

– "I have one with my mum and sister called 'family member of the week' where we pick one of us each week, and we have to send a motivational quote around every morning."

If you want to share your weird WhatsApp group names, go ahead and write them in the comments section below.

H/T The Tab, which even got the whiteboards out when it asked Sheffield students.