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People Are Getting Emotional Over The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Yup, it's that time of year again.

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John Lewis has released its 2015 Christmas advert. You can watch it here:

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The advert features an old man living on the moon.

John Lewis

And a young girl on Earth keen to make contact after spotting him through her telescope.

John Lewis

Fast-forward to Christmas Day.

John Lewis

And the old man on the moon receives a gift.

John Lewis

A telescope.

John Lewis

The advert ends with the pair finding each other and the young girl waving.

John Lewis

It has been made in association with Age UK.

Delighted to work with @johnlewisretail to help lonely older people #NoOne #ManOnTheMoon

The two-minute advert features an acoustic cover of Oasis's "Half the World Away" performed by 19-year-old Norwegian singer Aurora.

The John Lewis Christmas advert has a history of making people cry and some on Twitter claimed the department store had done it again this year.

Bloody hell, @johnlewisretail, I'm crying on the bus #manonthemoon

Annnnd here come the tears. 8:01 and John Lewis, you've cracked me. #manonthemoon

Love the Christmas @johnlewisretail advert! Never fails to get the emotions running! #manonthemoon #JohnLewisXmasAd

Well done @johnlewisretail - once again you have thawed my icy heart. #manonthemoon

The department store's Christmas ad is one of the most eagerly awaited of the festive period. This was John Lewis's advert last year:

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