These Cute Dogs Stole The Show At The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony


1. Every nation was led out at the Glasgow ceremony by a Scottish Terrier.


2. It was all everyone was talking about.

Mark Sutherland / SWNS
Mark Sutherland / SWNS

5. Some of the dogs didn’t want to walk all the way and had to be carried.

Mark Sutherland / SWNS

7. But everyone agreed it was a wonderful touch by the organisers.


Here is the man of the night for me, lucky enough to meet him on Monday....Hamish!! #CommonwealthGames #TeamScotland

— Ashleigh Blaney (@Ashleigh_Blaney)

10. It was undoubtedly the highlight of the opening ceremony.

Scotty dogs lead in each team. Whoever though of that deserves a treat.

— Paul Kelso (@pkelso)

What a great touch, for each team to be led into the arena by Scottie dogs. #Glasgow2014

— Steve Walters (@Stevie230)

It would seem the #CommonwealthGames #ScottieDogs are stealing the show. Here's a peak of team #Scotland chaperone!

— Caledonista (@Caledonista)

They should just have had loads of pipes and dogs, for ages.

— India Knight (@indiaknight)

..I could just watch these wee dogs strutting their stuff for the duration of the Commonwealth Games.

— amy (@amesjayj)

Gotta love the dogs! #openingceremony

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker)

Not sure how I managed to smuggle this out @kellymassey400 #Glasgow2014

— Richard Yates (@Rich4rdYates)

They wee dugs! *swoons*

— India Knight (@indiaknight)

Best bits so far have been the three-drinks-in-melancholy-singalongs. And the dogs.

— Paul Kelso (@pkelso)

Nice touch with the dogs but the #Tunnocks have taken the biscuit #openingceremony

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker)

Tomorrow evening's walk is going to be quite a let-down for these dogs.

— Andrew Cotter (@MrAndrewCotter)

Scottie dogs... Love it. #CommonwealthGames #Glasgow2014

— kelly sötherchez (@KellySotherton)

What I want to know is where did they abduct so many Scottie dogs from? #Glasgow2014

— George (@OperaCreep)

23. There was some suggestion the dogs may have been used multiple time for different nations…

Is it the same Scotty dog going round & round, with a quick change of jacket - or do they have a lot of black dogs lined up out the back?

— Melissa Lawson (@MelissaLawson3)

EXCLUSIVE: I can reveal the Scottie dogs are being recycled. I repeat, they ARE being recycled backstage. #CommonwealthGames #cantfoolme

— Frank O'Donnell (@fodonnell23)

25. But who cares, it was a great twist to the opening ceremony.

Chris Jackson / Getty

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