Photographer Creates Unbearably Cute Pictures Of Babies Sleeping

    Warning: contains extreme levels of cute.

    British photographer Sandi Ford is creating a beautiful collection of images of sleeping newborn babies.

    The collection, entitled Welcome to the World, shows the tiny babies in a variety of poses, including resting their heads on their hands.

    Ford is based in Ealing, west London, and claims she has "the most important job in the world".

    She moved into family photography in 2010 and has won numerous prizes for her pictures.

    She creates this pose by laying the sleeping babies on their front, moving their feet forward and resting their hands under their heads.

    Ford told BuzzFeed she calls the pose "froggy", and that the babies are already asleep when the pictures are taken.

    She added that there are a lot of safety precautions in place during the shoots, including parents helping out.

    The babies all tend to be between seven and 21 days old.

    Ford said she hopes her pictures will be "pulled out on an 18th birthday, or a wedding reception, or decorating a wall".

    More of Ford's work is available to view on her website and Facebook page.