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TV Guests Wreck Studio After Fight Breaks Out During Syria Debate

You’re going to need to replace that table.

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Two journalists on Jordanian TV got into a fight live on air after exchanging insults during a debate over Syria.

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Shaker Al-Johari, head of the Electronic Media Association in Jordan, and Mohammed Al-Jayousi, editor-in-chief of the news website Al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi, were appearing on the Bayn Etijihayn (Between Two Ways) show on the 7 Stars network.

According to the Washington Post, Al-Jayousi accused Al-Johari of supporting the Syrian revolution and being a “deviant”, to which the latter responded by saying Al-Jayousi was backing Bashar Al Assad's regime in exchange for money.

The heated debate turned physical when the pair started pushing the studio’s table towards each other, causing it to break.

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Production staff eventually intervened to pull Al-Johari away after he started trying to kick his fellow guest.

Apparently no action was taken against the two men.


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