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This Tiny Pony Could See Bugger All From His Stable So Some Clever Kids Helped Him Out

Pedro was struggling to see anything due to his diminutive size.

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So during the February half term, kids at the Ebony Horse Club decided to come up with a solution to help Pedro out.

Some of the ideas were a little far-fetched, such as making Pedro stand on a bigger horse.

Or is that a zebra? Hard to tell.


In the end though, they decided to go for the "Pedroscope", a specially made periscope.

Stockport-based design company Print and Cut helped create the device, the Manchester Evening News reported.

“We got an email from the Ebony Horse Club who were asking for our help, it was so nice, and a little bit funny, that we decided to give it a go," the company's owner, Andy Morris, told the newspaper.

The Ebony Horse Club said in a blog post that the children loved showing Pedro how to use his new visual aid.

The club is now trying to raise money for a more permanent solution and is hoping to purchase a miniature stable for the popular Shetland pony.

You can find out more about Pedro's story in this video, uploaded by Ebony Horse Club volunteer Susan at the weekend.

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