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This Guy's Epic "Rambo" Bachelor Party Will Make You Realise You Need Better Friends

Dana Saint and his friends recreated the events in the first Rambo film with the most incredible attention to detail.

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Do yourself a favour and take 20 minutes out of your day and watch this video about one man's First Blood-themed bachelor party:

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"Rambo Day" chronicles the incredible day Dana Saint's friends put on for him last July, a month before he got married.

The clip was created by Gnarly Bay, the production company Saint works for.

The team were also behind the "How to Throw a Bachelor Party" video that went viral a couple of years ago.


The video ends with him receiving an envelope which says the epic bachelor party will continue in Colombia.

Gnarly Bay

Gnarly Bay has published a series of blog posts explaining exactly how they created "Rambo Day" and the incredible amount of planning that went into it.

The video has gone viral as viewers express their admiration at the lengths Saint's friends went to make his bachelor party totally unforgettable.