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This Plane's Near-Vertical Takeoff Will Have You Grabbing The Sides Of Your Seat

"Cabin crew prepare for... Never mind, we're up now."

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Boeing released a video on Thursday of pilots in a 787-9 Dreamliner rehearsing for the 2015 Paris Air Show.

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The clip shows three crew members take the Vietnam Airlines aircraft for a spin and includes this rather extraordinary footage.

The takeoff, which appears to be almost vertical, is one of a number of manoeuvres the pilots are shown practicing.

The stunt took place over Moses Lake in Washington, CNN reported.

A Boeing spokesperson declined to give any more details on the takeoff and test flight, telling CNN, "We unfortunately aren't sharing specifics about the profile such as bank angles at this time."

The 787-9 is slightly longer than the original Dreamliner and can carry up to 335 passengers, The Guardian reported.

Some of those who watched the clip were stunned by the takeoff.

The near vertical take off of 787-9 Dreamliner looks good to watch, but would be scary to sit inside :)

A @BoeingAirplanes #Dreamliner has just done what I do when I launch a paper plane #Crazy!

The Paris Air Show takes place from 15 till 21 June.