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This Artist Paints On Pregnant Women's Bellies And The Results Are Beautiful

So wonderful.

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Artist Carrie Preston uses a rather unusual canvas for her work – pregnant women’s stomachs.

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The 27-year-old from Cornwall began painting baby bumps two years ago so she could spend more time with her own two children.

Preston says she taught herself how to paint and has now completed over 130 baby bump pictures.

Mercury Press and Media

"My plan had been to become a primary school teacher,” she said.

"But I soon realised that being a mum and staying true to my dreams meant that I wanted to pursue my art.

"My business started with murals, creating spaces for children to play in, and it progressed to face-painting, gifts, watercolours, and then bumps.”


Preston says the work usually takes two hours to complete, and that she tends to work on women when they are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant.

Mercury Press and Media

Explaining how she chooses her designs, she said: "Sometimes mums know exactly what they want from the beginning.

"The cow bump lived on a farm and their whole family history related to working with their jersey cows. There are stories behind each of the bumps."

Mercury Press and Media

"I really believe that pregnancy should be celebrated as much as possible.

"Even lucky ladies are only pregnant two to three times in their whole life, so I think we should make the most of every moment."

Preston has raised over £8,000 for charities and her local neonatal unit through "bumpathons", in which expectant mothers sponsor her to paint their bumps.