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This Make-Up Artist Is Delighting The Internet By Turning People Into Superheroes

Lianne Moseley also transforms herself into characters such as She-Hulk.

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Canadian make-up artist Lianne Moseley has gained a considerable following on social media thanks to her remarkable comic book transformations.

This is what she normally looks like.

And this is how she looks as She-Hulk.

The Calgary-based artist's impressive work has seen her gain thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. This is how she turned into Green Arrow.

The Daily Mail reported that Moseley was inspired to create the comic book makeovers by the work of Argentinian make-up artist Argenis Pinal.

Moseley uses Aquacolor, a water-based make-up, and is reportedly self-taught. / Via Neil Zeller

“There isn't really a crazy process to what I do, but there seems to be a crazy reaction to them," the Mail quoted Moseley as saying.

“I choose a character and then I look up a bunch of pictures of them, whether it be fan art or from the actual comics.”

Here's a video of how Moseley works.

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You can see more of her transformations on Facebook and Instagram.

BuzzFeed has spoken to Lianne Moseley and she has given some insight into her work.

The make-up artist revealed she only started the comic book makeovers last November.

She said: “I was a bit into comics as a kid, but mainly the ones I could steal from my brother's room. Namely Superman and Calvin and Hobbes. I have a lot of fun doing regular beauty make-up, but my heart lies with the comic/character creations.”

Moseley said the reaction to her work had been amazing.

“It's actually hard to wrap my head around all the attention I have been receiving online as well as locally," she revealed. "I feel truly blessed by all the support I've received both here in Calgary and across the online world.

"It's so fantastic and motivating. It was so overwhelming, and it still can be at times but it is such a cool feeling, I wish I could describe it better."

Moseley can also be found on Twitter - @lustredust.