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This Kitten's Unique Markings Make Him Look Permanently Concerned

Gary initially made the local news in Bolton but has now experienced national fame.

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His owners, Andy and Caroline Entwistle, made a Facebook page last month highlighting his rather unusual markings.

Facebook: video.php

The page has received aver 1,500 likes and saw Gary first appear in the local press, before his pictures were picked up by national newspaper websites.

Facebook: video.php

“When we saw his distinctive look we couldn't get rid of him looking like that,” the Daily Mail quoted Caroline as saying.

Thomas Temple / Ross Parry

"A lot of people have asked us if they're drawn on, but they're really not. It would be a bit cruel wouldn't it really," she added.

"But if anyone doesn't believe it, we're happy to try and rub them off. They're not going anywhere!"

BuzzFeed spoke to Caroline on Wednesday and she provided some more information about her pet.

She said the attention all started when her partner, Andrew, sent their local paper a picture of Gary.

"Andrew set up his Facebook page as a bit of light-hearted fun, because of his unusual markings, we never expected him to be so popular," she added.

"We have been amazed at the reaction to his pictures and are just really happy people like him so much."