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    This Is The Bizarre "Bicycle" Students Are Hoping To Ride At 90 MPH

    The rider will have to use a computer to see where they are going.

    Students from Liverpool University are hoping to smash the pedal-powered speed record with this extraordinary-looking "bicycle".

    University of Liverpool

    As the machine is encased in an aerodynamic outer shell, the rider of the ARION1 will have to use a camera and computer to navigate.

    University of Liverpool
    The project is no simple undertaking but, at this stage, just six months in, we are in a great position.We understand what we have to do in order to reach our goal, and we are ready for the trials which lie ahead.

    The Liverpool Uni students claim the bike is 40 times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veyron supercar and apparently has the potential to reach speeds of 90mph.

    University of Liverpool

    The current pedal-powered speed record stands at 83.1mph, set by a Dutch team in 2012.

    University of Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULVT) are hoping to have the ARION1 ready to race by May 2015.

    The team will attempt to break the world record at the World Human Power Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, in September of next year.

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