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This Is How Two Sisters And A McDonald's McFlurry Went Viral On Vine

Lauren and Joanne Lavoie spoke to BuzzFeed News about how the clip with 40 million views almost didn't happen.

If you haven't watched this Vine before, stop what you're doing right now and enjoy six seconds of comedy genius.


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The clip, titled "I tapped the breaks" [sic], has been looped 37 million times since being uploaded in June last year and regularly features in lists of the best/funniest Vines ever.

The two sisters who created the video, Lauren and Joanne Lavoie, told BuzzFeed News they almost deleted it as they didn't think it was that funny.

Lauren, 23, recorded the Vine while taking her younger sister out as a treat for finishing a final assessment for a maths class.

"I just remember coming back to school for my next final assessment – I had teachers stop me in the hall to tell me they had seen the Vine," Joanne, 17, said.

"Since it blew up so rapidly it was a lot to take in, and I still can’t fathom the fact that almost 40 million people have watched me almost swallow a McDonald’s spoon."

The sisters maintain that Joanne's reaction was genuine, and say they regularly record videos while in the car.


"Usually I just shout a random question and see what Joanne’s first reaction is," Lauren said. "She’s hilarious and her reactions are beyond funny.

"I don’t tap the brakes of the car ever, so yes, she was actually caught off-guard by the whole thing, much to the enjoyment of many."

She said the clip sat on her phone for around three days and she only decided to upload it after realising she hadn't posted anything for a while.

Within 24 hours it had almost 100,000 likes, and it later found its way on to the front page of Reddit and appeared on Tosh.0.

"I still can't believe that some of my favourite Viners and YouTubers have liked it," Lauren said. "I think even Kendall Jenner re-Vined it a while ago."

The sisters, from Regina, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, made Vines for a year prior to going viral.

Lauren Lavoie

Lauren, 23, now has almost 100,000 followers, while Joanne has over 60,000.

They create clips about their favourite bands, such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.


Clips of them messing around in their house have been watched hundreds of thousands of times.


Joanne said using Vine had taught her it was OK to be spontaneous and unique.

"Lauren and I have received some difficult and insulting comments but with every bad comment we receive there are 10 more filled with love," she said, "which allowed us to push those awful things aside and pay attention to the people who really matter, the people who support us every day on this app.

"We can't thank them enough for putting up with our craziness on the internet but we love them with everything we have."

Lauren also said it was humbling to know that with their six-second videos she could have an effect on someone's life.


Being part of the bands' fandoms has helped them gain a significant following on Vine, and both of them say they're grateful for the friends they've made using the app.


Despite showing no signs of slowing down their Vine activity, the sisters have other big plans on the horizon.

Joanne said she is hoping to go to university when she finishes high school this year, while Lauren has just completed her university degree in teaching.

She said she was weighing up whether to look for a job in the UK.

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