This Is How The Rock Band Train Managed To Sell Millions Of Bottles Of Wine For Charity

    A glass of Drops of Jupiter anyone?

    So you all know the band Train right? "Drops of Jupiter", "Drive By" and "Hey, Soul Sister" have all been extremely popular tracks around the world.


    In fact they make quite a lot of different varieties of wine.

    And at a tasting event last week I got to try some.

    "We’re a San Francisco band so we started thinking about ‘we need to create a culture for people to grasp onto the band' and in America and there’s one place to make good wine – and that’s northern California."

    So far around two and a half million bottles of the band's wine have been sold, raising considerable amounts of money for the charity.

    Along with Monahan, Train's lead guitarist Jimmy Stafford takes a keen interest in the wine, created with San Francisco wine company.

    Here he is talking about how the wine is made.

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    Monahan revealed the band is due to release a sixth variety next month.

    Not content with selling millions of bottles of wine to raise money for a worthy cause, the band also makes its own chocolate...

    Rock music and wine. Who would have thought?