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    All This Guy Got For His Birthday Was A 4-Kilogram, £127,000 Shirt Made From Gold

    Quite the birthday suit.

    Indian businessman and politician Pankaj Parakh decided to treat himself to something nice on his 45th birthday – a shirt made entirely of gold.


    The gold in the shirt is between 18 and 22-carat purity and the garment weighs around 4kg.

    It apparently cost £127,000 to make and according to Times of India took a team of 20 people 3,200 hours over two months to sew together.

    Parakh, the wealthy owner of a textile company near Mumbai, told the Indian news service IANS he had always been fascinated by gold.

    He is now hoping to set a new world record with his amazing birthday outfit.


    "My family is hardly impressed or interested in my love for gold. They just ignore and accept it as a part of domestic life. But the rest of my extended family thinks I am weird," Parakh joked.

    Despite his obsession with bling the local politician says he is passionate about improving local services.

    "I spend at least a week each year to offer voluntary services at the 1,000-bedded hospital, the biggest and best for polio treatment in India," Parakh said.

    "I also arrange for any requirements of the poor patients like food, medicines, surgery and blankets, from which I get immense satisfaction."

    He is due to show off his new shirt at a special celebration to mark his birthday today.

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